The MEM invites you to discover its rich and varied cultural programming.


Discover the MEM's exhibitions, which bring the city to life through a multiplicity of perspectives and experiences.

Colorful mural depicting Yvonne Maisonneuve, founder of Le Chaînon.
Elderly woman sitting in front of a board with descriptive and temporal references of her life.

Cultural activities

The MEM invites you to participate in a wide range of activities for all Montreal communities. Explore our original and diverse programming to enrich your visit to the museum.

Off site

The MEM regularly joins forces with partners from all horizons to offer activities rich in discovery and exchange. Explore our off-site programming to discover what the city has in store for you.

18 nuances de gai de Claude Cormier
Photo of a fox in the snowy nature.

Photo Contest

The 43rd of the MEM photo contest is now over. Discover the 2012 winners!

Public art work

Created by Raphaëlle de Groot following a participatory process involving 350 people, the work is inspired by the functioning of memory, while its form evokes the museum's mission as an organ contributing to a circuit of memory connected to the city and the people who inhabit it. It is installed in the Cabaret du MEM.

The work was produced with financial support from the Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal, as part of the Montréal Cultural Development Agreement.

Black and white photo by artist Raphaelle De Groot.