The MEM team goes to meet montrealers. Discover our programming all around the island.

For Montreal’s community organizations

Montreal in 5 senses

An exploration of the city through one of the five senses ­– sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch: this is what is proposed in a one-of-a-kind activity, Montreal in 5 Senses. The MEM has collaborated with artists to develop five original workshops, each one focussing on a particular sensory organ.

Montreal organizations, offer your members and your community an opportunity to discover the images, smells, tastes, sounds, and textures characteristic of our city.

A photo montage that presents Montreal in 5 senses
Chow Family Photo

Exhibition(in French only)

Dialogue with
Montreal’s Chinese Community

Photo: Jennifer Li

The exhibition Dialogue with Montreal’s Chinese Community presents the personal accounts of 13 Montrealers of Chinese origin. Their stories bring out the diversity of the community as well as its little-known history. The exhibit will soon tour the city’s boroughs.

Visible until september 15 in Chinatown

Read the online
(In French Only)

Constellations de l'hippocampe

Constellations de l'hippocampe is a project by artist Raphaëlle De Groot. This participative public art work will be enriched by the memory of Montreal’s citizens. It will occupy the Cabaret space at the MEM.

A photo showing Raphaëlle de Groot