The Centre d’histoire de Montréal has transformed into the MEM – Centre des mémoires montréalaises, a new museum and civic space.

Montrealers recount the city’s history

The MEM – Centre des mémoires montréalaises mobilizes Montreal’s inhabitants, who in turn help highlight the value of the city’s plural identities. We collect and present first-hand accounts from a range of communities to tell the history of Montreal.

To carry out its mission, the MEM prioritizes citizens’ voices, past and present. We capture the essence of “Montreality” -- the many different facets of the city in all their diversity. Whether you hail from Montreal or have adopted the city as your own, you’re part of its history. The MEM wants to hear your voice and share your memories. We celebrate the pride of being a Montrealer with you and thanks to you !

Discover the MEM now!

The MEM welcomes you at the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Laurent, in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles. In the first phase of the opening, discover free public spaces, temporary exhibitions, a cabaret, a boutique-café and rental spaces at your disposal.

The MEM also takes the pulse of the population through its off-site activities, presented in different areas of Montreal. A wide range of content is also available online, from the MEM Encyclopedia to podcasts.

The name MEM is not an acronym, but a contraction of two words reflecting the essence of the institution: Mémoire + Montréalais-es.

Our mission

Our mission is to encourage an appreciation for the diversity of Montrealers’ identities and their histories through authentic, inclusive human experiences in which citizens gather and tell their stories.

Our values

With openness and empathy, we place citizens’ voices at the heart of our actions. We are making the MEM accessible to everyone and are sensitive to Montreal’s diverse realities. We want to bring the city’s inhabitants together to share authentic local histories and foster collaborative, interactive, and innovative initiatives. We attach great importance to our environment and endeavour to facilitate responsible, sustainable cohabitation in our city.

Our commitment

The MEM team collaborates with the many voices of passionately committed citizens with the aim of building a cultural project that reflects Montreal’s diverse realities.

Our team

Image Annabelle Laliberté
Annabelle Laliberté
Division Chief
Image Catherine Charlebois
Catherine Charlebois
Section Chief – Collections, Exhibitions, and Programs
Image Laure Barrachina
Laure Barrachina
Head of Educational and Cultural Programs
Image Annick Brabant
Annick Brabant
Specialized Educator – Off-Site Programs
Image Francis M. Desmarais
Francis M. Desmarais
Rental Coordinator
Image Cyr Parmentier Djakpo
Cyr Parmentier Djakpo
Digital Engagement Officer
Image Jeanne Lachance-Provençal
Anthony-Vincent Ragusa
Researcher cataloguer
Image Marie-Anne Gagnon
Marie-Anne Gagnon
Head of Collections and Research
Image André Gauvreau
André Gauvreau
Assistant – Cultural Events – Partnerships
Image Geneviève Larouche
Geneviève Larouche
Head of Exhibitions
Image Josée Lefebvre
Josée Lefebvre
Head of Community Engagement Projects
Image Raymond Ma
Raymond Ma
Operations Manager
Image Nathalie Pineda
Nathalie Pineda
Administrative Unit Secretary
Image Stéphanie Mondor
Stéphanie Mondor
Technical Director – Exhibitions and Collections
Image Sophie Poirier
Sophie Poirier
Image James Pretli
James Pretli
Technical Director
Image Ophélie Raffin
Ophélie Raffin
Head of Communications
Image Linda Rougeau
Linda Rougeau
Assistant – Cultural Events – Reservations
Image François Roy
François Roy
Artistic Technician
Image Robert Tyler Wood
Robert Tyler Wood
Visitor Experience Team Leader