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Map of a neighborhood hand-drawn by a child.

Your Neighbourhood

Elementary Cycle 1
Social Sciences
Photo: MEM - Centre des mémoires montréalaises

During a tour of the MEM, students explore their school’s immediate environment. A brainstorming workshop then invites them to imagine their ideal neighbourhood. What better way for them to share impressions and learn more about a place they thought they already knew?

Montréal, Maps in Hand

Elementary Cycle 2
Social Sciences - Geography — History
Photo: Archives nationales d’outre-mer (France). FR CAOM 3DFC480B

Students use a variety of maps to learn about the city and its history. Along the way, they also get a glimpse of how Montrealers lived in the past. This lively activity includes a sensory game involving historical maps and a seek-and-find exploration of the museum.

Map of the city of Montreal in 1781.
Close-up on a hand carrying a suitcase.

What will you pack?

Elementary Cycle 3
History — Culture and Citizenship in Quebec
Photo: Clem Onojeghuo

In a tour of the MEM, students revisit the history of Montréal through the lens of immigration. A role-playing game helps build empathy for the range of migration experiences by asking the question: what do people pack when they have to leave one country for another?

Sparking Civic Engagement

Elementary Cycle 3
Secondary Cycle 1
Culture and Citizenship in Quebec
Photo: Hannah Busing

Are your students interested in politics? Do they see themselves as future citizens who can make a difference in their community? As they explore the museum, students learn about social movements that have shaped Montréal. In teams, they outline a project that they could implement in their school or neighbourhood.

Close-up on the joined hands of a group of teenagers placed in a circle.
Close-up of a lighted sign with an upward arrow and a pictogram of wheelchair accessibility.

Accessible Montréal

Culture and Citizenship in Quebec
Photo: Charles Deluvio

As they visit the MEM, students reflect on the impacts of disabilities and consider ways to make the museum more accessible. This exploration provides students with a valuable opportunity to expand their understanding of issues related to disability, inclusion, and accessibility.

Montréal metropolis

Secondary Cycle 1
Photo: Nathalia Segato

Students learn about the metropolis’s characteristics, territory, population, and power of attraction, as well as the challenges it faces today. The visit encourages them to use their creativity to come up with innovative solutions to a challenging problem: affordable housing for all.

View of downtown Montreal from the Mount Royal lookout.
Outline of the Island of Montréal containing English words related to the city

Montréal 101 – Second-Language Learning

English as a Second Language – English Immersion - Enriched English
Photo: MEM - Centre des mémoires montréalaises

Talk about Montréal for 90 minutes? It’s possible with Montréal 101— a museum visit to enhance your students’ English city vocabulary.

Detours + A mile in my shoes

Elementary Cycle 3
Culture and Citizenship in Quebec

With your school group, visit our two temporary exhibitions: DETOURS – Urban Encounters and A Mile in My Shoes. Listen to the moving stories of fellow Montrealers and engage your students in discussions about the city and empathy!

Poster of temporary exhibition Detours - Urban Experiences
Group of students smiling at the camera.

Online encyclopedia

Photo: Olivier Blondeau

The Encyclopedia's Education section offers a selection of articles and teaching materials based on the Quebec Education Program. Discover our articles, which include images and sometimes videos to enrich your teaching.

J’aime les mots

Culture et citoyenneté

Proposée dans le cadre du volet scolaire des 28e Journées de la culture, l’activité J’aime les mots invite à utiliser l’art du même pour communiquer autrement.

(In French Only)
Image with Fabiola Nyrva Aladin