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Montréal 101

Graphic composition of several words forming the outline of the island of Montreal.
Credit : MEM - Centre des mémoires montréalaises

Is it possible to visit all of Montréal in just 90 minutes? Absolutely—with Montréal 101! This activity takes place in the MEM’s public spaces and offers a perfect introduction to life in Montréal. We consider various aspects of the city, including its territory, history, spaces, and everyday life. We also share a few tips to help students navigate the city. Of course, we talk about the geography of the island and the importance of the river, but we also consider questions like: where can you go swimming in Montréal? Above all, we give students time to express their thoughts and feelings about their new city.

Montréal 101 takes place at the MEM in two stages:

  1. A personalized guided tour of the MEM’s public spaces. We can adapt the tour to themes that you want to discuss with your students. During the visit, a facilitator invites students to note down words that reflect their understanding of the city. What preconceptions did they come with? What do they know about it today? What are their thoughts and feelings about Montréal? Depending on their level of language proficiency, students can write these words in French or another language.
  2. A creative workshop based on the words collected. Students create a word cloud about their experience of Montréal. Which words matter most to them? Which ones matter least? The colour and size of each word reflects its significance to participants.

This activity was developed in collaboration with social worker and intercultural mediator Juan Manuel Carranza-Rosas.


  • Discover the City of Montréal by learning about its citizens and their lives.
  • Improve French proficiency by learning new words and important concepts.
  • Obtain key information that is concrete and practical, as well as tips and references (community organizations, procedures, how it works, etc.).

Links to the Québec Education Program (QEP)

  • Develop skills in oral and written French
  • Develop intercultural competencies

Information and reservation

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By email:
[email protected]
By telephone:
514 872-0238
120 minutes including arrival and departure
Maximum Capacity
80 students
  • Effective January 2024
  • Students: $5
  • Accompanying adult (1 per 15 students): Free


At the MEM
Getting to the MEM
Bus Drop-Off
  • Located at 61 boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, Montréal, Québec, H2Z 1A3
  • A member of the MEM team will meet you at the drop-off and accompany you on foot to the museum (200 m)
Public Transit
  • Metro: Station Saint-Laurent
  • STM bus: 55

The MEM is offering you free school programs from March 2024 to June 2024, so that you can discover its spaces and familiarize yourself with this new cultural venue and its contents.

The educational programs will take place in our public spaces and workshops, as well as in our permanent exhibition under construction. You'll have exclusive and privileged access, as it's not yet open to the public!

Educational vision

The MEM's educational offering is the fruit of a collective effort involving a committee of some fifteen teachers and education specialists, as well as community partners working in the fields of civic engagement, living together and accessibility.

Our educational programs aim to equip young people to become citizens interested in their city, its challenges and its history. They aim to foster their awareness of the importance of living together and their commitment to their community.

Our programs talk about Montreal, its history, its territory and its people, through such perspectives as neighborhoods, immigration, citizen power and disability. The varied activities that make up our programs encourage students to share their experiences, develop critical thinking skills and empathy, and foster civic engagement.