From April 9 to May 26, 2024

Stones of Memory: Seventy Years of Portuguese Immigration to Canada

Come and admire seventy stones transformed into works of art that reflect the memories and identity of Montréal’s Portuguese community.

A stone transformed into a work of art
Credit: MEM

The exhibition Stones of Memory celebrates seventy years of Portuguese immigration to Canada. This project was developed by two dynamic members of Montréal’s Portuguese community, Ernesto Matos and Joaquina Pires. It brings together the creations of some fifty people with different migratory journeys and backgrounds, each with their own connection to Portugal and Canada. Participants in the project transformed seventy calçadas, or paving stones, into art objects. Reminiscent of the decorative cobblestones of Portugal, they evoke the memories and life stories of this community that has put down roots in Montréal.

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From April 9 to May 26, 2024
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